You are an individual and you plan to install a photovoltaic solar solution for your home. The State has put in place financial aid. Ain’tension details the different aid you may be entitled to.

The investment bonus “La Prime à l’investissement”

Benefit from assistance of up to €3,290* for an 8.9kWp installation. Photovoltaic self-consumption is the consumption of one’s own electricity production from solar energy. Facilities that allow self-consumption are eligible for an investment bonus.

* For an installation of 8.9 kWp (maximum power proposed by EDF ENR), the investment bonus amounts to €370/kWp, paid in full on the first billing due date. Subject to compliance with the conditions set by the tariff decree of October 6, 2021.


The purchase obligation “L’obligation d’achat”

Concretely, EDF OA is required to purchase electricity production from renewable sources from French producers who request it. The purchase price is fixed for 20 years (no risk of the price decreasing). You can therefore sell the surplus or all of your production subject to meeting the conditions set by the tariff decree of October 6, 2021.

Example: For a photovoltaic installation on the roof of between 3 and 9 kWp, the producer can receive 13.13 c€/kWh if he sells the surplus of his production*

*The purchase price is set by regulation each quarter.

VAT rate reduced to 10%

Photovoltaic installations connected to the network with a power less than or equal to 3 kWp and which meet the other required legal conditions can benefit from a VAT rate reduced to 10% (instead of 20%).


Local aid

Some communities provide local aid to help finance a self-consumption project. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact your town hall, general council or regional council.


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